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Live on the Fringe

Client: Hollis Loudon Interiors
Creative Director: Bridget Kelley
Writing: Lindsey Canant
Photography: Rikki Snyder
Styling: Frances Bailey
Illustration: Leslie O'Hanlon

Award: Web Excellence Award 2022

Brand Strategy & Development for Hollis Loudon Interiors, an Interior Design firm based in NY and Florida.

Hollis came to Jack and James after opening her first solo interior design business.

Hollis Loudon Interiors comes from the mind of interior designer and 'tablescape' enthusiast, Hollis Puig. Hollis started her business in 2018 with a handful of clients in Upstate NY, after an overhaul rebrand, a consolidation of messaging, social media strategy, new photography and public relations push, Hollis has officially debuted in the extremely hard to penetrate interior design scene.

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