Brand Development, Visual Identity, Web Design and Development, E-Commerce

To Adorn, Make Beautiful

Client: Como Palm Beach
Creative Director: Bridget Kelley
Location: Palm Beach, Florida

Brand refresh and web design and development for COMO, a lifestyle boutique headquartered in Palm Beach, Florida.

Monica had came to Jack & James while reopening her storefront after the pandemic. She needed an updated logo, a slightly elevated look and an e-commerce store to make sure she can sell to her customers when they go back home in the summer. I knew we needed to do something classic yet contemporary while incorporating clean lines, so it mirrored the types of products Monica has in her store. We decided to shorten the store name to  "Como Palm Beach" instead of "Como Life Palm Beach" as the brand had more recognition around the island as just "Como." Always a pleasure working with Monica! New fun things coming for Como!

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